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Local Weather

Udaipur offers moderate climate all through the year. But the best season to visit the place is from September to March.


(December to February) offers pleasant climate with a temperature not going beyond 32°C. The pleasing weather is perfect for enjoying holidays and indulging in various tourist activities.


(mid-March to June) has hot weather with a temperature maximum of 45°C, especially April to June. The hot climate is not preferable for Udaipur tourism.


(July to September) offer very little rainfall. The scanty amount of rains in Udaipur makes the place very humid. However, during monsoon, the lush green environs of the place become very attractive. Even the lakes are filled with rain water.

Month-wise Udaipur Weather


Weather: Very Cold
One of the best months for travel and can be enjoyed by tourists of all ages. Clear skies with cool temperatures are ideal for sightseeing and various activities.


Weather: Moderately Cold
Udaipur offers cool atmosphere in February. In fact, the weather is at its best, inviting tourists from all over the region. The skies are clear and the natural panorama is at its peak. It is really a good time for sighting various attractions of the city.


Weather: Moderately Hot
Temperature starts to rise but is still in the comfortably hot range for enjoying sightseeing and adventures. Days are accompanied by clear skies and plenty of sunshine making it ideal for carrying out all types of tourist activities.


Weather: Moderately Hot
Days are very sunny with temperature rising. Hot days and warm nights make this month a challenging time for tourism. The skies are clear and warm air increases the temperature. Travelling in summer days will require sun protective gears. Mewar festival is celebrated in April.


Weather: Very Hot
The mercury raises high, making sunstroke a common ailment. The climate is very hot and most tourists don’t prefer booking holiday package during summer months. Loose cotton apparels and sun protective items are preferable if visiting in summer days.


Weather: Very Hot
Weather is still very hot and unpleasant. Clear skies and scorching sun rays is a common sight. This mightn't be the most ideal time for any tourist activity. If you are travelling then sun protection is a must.


Weather: Very Hot
Monsoon sets in during July but the place receives intermittent rainfall and it doesn’t have much effect in cooling down the atmosphere. But heat coupled with humidity makes the climate very uncomfortable and unbearable. It’s better to avoid traveling in hot days.


Weather: Rainy
Rainfall occurs occasionally and cools the temperature, but humidity increases. Though most tourists avoid visiting in monsoon yet the greenery of the place is worth seeing. Even the lakes are filled with rain water and rains lovers are sure to enjoy their visit in monsoon. Hotels also offer off-season rates for its visitors.


Weather: Pleasant
The weather becomes cool and pleasing with occasional showers, but the city remains dry for major part of the month. Clear blue sky and cool winds make it a good time for sightseeing and other activities. The lush greenery and the lakes filled with rains are also very enjoyable.


Weather: Pleasant
Best time for tourism as the weather is comfortably warm during the days and pleasant during the nights. This is the official start of the high tourist season with clear skies and bearable temperatures. Sighting for various attractions of the place is perfect during this period.


Weather: Moderately Cold
The mercury starts to dip, making it the one of the best months for sightseeing and adventure activities. The skies are very clear and pleasant winds keep the temperature within control. The pleasing weather makes it ideal for holidaying and tourist visits. It is a great month for Rajasthan tourism.


Weather: Very Cold
The weather is very beautiful with cool days and cold nights. Woolens are advised. Ideal time for sightseeing and any other adventure activity and can be well enjoyed by both children and adults.