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Salasar Balaji Temple

Constructed in 1754 AD, Salasar Balaji is a place of religious importance and is one of the significant places to visit in Salasar that attracts a large number of worshippers throughout the year. Located in the town of Salasar (Rajasthan), the temple has beautiful carvings on marbles which makes it extremely attractive.
You will also notice work of floral patterns adorning the shrine of the temple.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 10 minutes drive.

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Rani Sati Temple

Rani Sati Temple is the largest temple in India devoted to Rani Sati. It has immense historical significance among the locals, notable for not holding any paintings or statues of either female or male gods. It hosts a Trishul depicting power and force, which is worshipped religiously by the followers. It is one of the most frequented places to visit in Laxmangarh.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 1 hr 30 minutes drive.

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Jeen Mata Temple

Jeen Mata is an ancient Temple dedicated to Shree Jeen Mataji (Goddess of Power). Surrounded by a thick forest, the temple features beautifully landscaped grounds. Millions of devotees assemble here for a colourful festival held twice a year.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 1 hr 30 minutes drive.

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Khatu Shyam Temple

An architecturally rich temple with elaborately painted walls makes Khatushyam Temple a popular destination among pilgrims. During the construction of the Temple, marble and tiles were used and the shutters of the sanctum sanctorum are covered beautifully with gold sheets. The theme reflects floral design, which is a delight to the devotees. It is one of the main places to visit in Sikar.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 1 hr 40 minutes drive.

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Laxmangarh Fort

Laxmangarh is one of the most iconic forts in the region, dating back to 1862.
Built on scattered pieces of huge rocks, Laxmangarh Fort is one of the top places to visit near Salsar. It has been restored, having fully furnished rooms, central chowk, garden and swimming pool. You can get a beautiful bird’s eye view of the town from the fort.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 15 minutes drive

Places to visit near Salasar Dham - Tal Chappar Sanctuary

Tal Chappar Sanctuary

A must-visit place for bird lovers and a house to chinkaras, Tal Chhapar is a sanctuary located in the Churu district of North-Western Rajasthan in the Shekhawati region of India.

This sanctuary is among the places to visit near Salasar Balaji and is known to be the home of blackbucks and a variety of birds.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 1 hour 20 minutes drive


Havelis of Mandawa

Mandawa attracts hundreds of tourists with its historical monuments and vibrant culture. The beautiful traditionally painted Havelis of Mandawa offer a stunning panoramic view of the land.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 1 hr 10 minutes drive.


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Tirupati Balaji Venkateshwar Mandir

Tirupati Balaji Venkateshwar Mandir is one of the most popular travel attractions in Rajasthan that is only about 40 kilometres away from our hotel in Rajasthan.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 45 minutes drive.

Sri Devsagar Singhi Jain Mandir
Sri Devsagar Singhi Jain Mandir in Sujangarh is another tourist attraction popularly known for its beautiful architecture and paintings. It is only an 8 minute drive further from Tirupati Balaji Venkateshwar Mandir

Jaipur - Hawa Mahal


Known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur offers a unique blend of traditional luxury and modern convenience through opulent palaces and forts. Jaipur is known for several well-known tourist spots like Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, City Palace, and many more.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 2 hrs 30 minutes drive.

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Surrounded by the Thar desert, Bikaner is home to several forts, palaces, museums, and many more historically significant attractions. The city boasts of some of the world’s best riding camels and is aptly nicknamed ‘Camel Country’.

Distance from Anand Bagh: 3 hours drive.