Rejuvenate at the Best Spa Resort in Udaipur

During your stay at our resort, visit the best spa in Udaipur to de-stress and completely rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. We have a range of therapies and treatments to choose from:

Spa Therapies

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Swedish Massage

This is a deeply therapeutic treatment that uses oil blends to either aid in relaxation or stimulate the body and mind. This massage release knots and tension in the body using firm or gentle pressure, effectively easing tired and aching muscles.

Duration - 60 min

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This is a holistic treatment that combines the power of essential oils with the best of Eastern and Western massage techniques. Physically relaxing and calming, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing. A pure essential oil blend is selected to match individual needs.

Duration: 60/90 min

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Deep Tissue Massage

A massage that manipulates soft tissue by blending massage strokes with effective deep penetrating techniques. It helps reduce muscle fatigue and aids in the recovery of damaged tissue. It is best suited for guests who regularly opt for massages.

Duration: 60/90 min

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A relaxing traditional Balinese massage is done by kneading deep tissues. It helps blood flow to your lymphatic system.

Duration: 60/90 min

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Hot Stone Massage

Basalt lava stone is a volcanic stone, that erupted from the belly of “mother earth’. The composition of this volcanic rock (high silica and iron content) makes it hold heat longer than most stones. Hot basalt lava stones are used for their penetrative warmth.

Duration: 90 min


Thai Massage

A massage & assisted stretching technique developed in Thailand & influenced by the traditional system of India.

Duration: 60 min

foot reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology involves stimulation of body meridians that have endings in the feet. Gentle stimulations of these acupressure points on the feet encourage the body’s own natural healing process and can have an overall balancing effect.

Duration: 60 min



Rice & Oatmeal Body Scrub

Rice & oatmeal powder removes dead skin cells and helps in skin whitening. Rice and Oatmeal scrub is effective if you have dark spots as it reduces them and gives you an even skin tone.

Duration: 60 min



A head massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, face and head - the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. This head massage induces a state of calm, peace and tranquillity, and promotes high levels of alertness and concentration.

Duration: 90 min



Shirodhara is effective to improve the body’s resistance to many degenerative diseases like senile health problems. A continuous flow of liquid on bony solid produces vibrations and sound waves that generate positive thoughts. It has the potential to modify the senses and motor functions of the brain.

Duration: 90 min


Yoga and Meditation

Opt for our peaceful yoga and meditation sessions to strengthen your mind and body, while providing mental peace and physical power. They also help you fight physical illnesses and live a longer and healthier life. Yoga also helps with weight reduction, diabetes, asthma, spondylitis, arthritis, hemiplegic, gynaecological issues, and other physical and mental ailments.

Rediscover your youthful self at Ananta Spa, Udaipur and say hello to the good life!