Safety & Hygiene Measures at Ananta Hotels & Resorts

Manoj Bhatt - Hygiene Manager
Ananta Hotels & Resorts

  • Having a masters degree in industrial microbiology, he brings rich experience in the field of Food Safety & Hygiene in the hospitality industry.
  • Has previously worked in other renowned groups like Taj group of hotels, Bharat Hotels Ltd (The Lalit Hotel), Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre and Hyatt Hotels Corporation.
  • Certified master trainer- Food Safety & Hygiene, recognized by FSSAI under the ministry of health & family welfare.
  • Attended the national training program on COVID-19 guidelines for food handlers by FSSAI under the ministry of health & family welfare.
  • Train the Trainers – Facilitator

We have a regular watch on hotel operational safety guidelines to be followed strictly & defined the SOPs of disinfection/sanitation and hygiene standards, as per the health & safety department, to ensure all food served to the external & internal guests is free from any hazards and all the department comply with hygiene and sanitation norms.

Furthermore, we educate our employees to follow the defined Ananta hotel & resorts safety guidelines & do regular strict hygiene audits to verify the implementation level.

At Ananta Hotels & Resorts Udaipur, we have a well-equipped in-house microbiology lab for our internal verification to check the food/water safety & adulteration in milk & milk products. Adhering with the other task, some of which includes:
  • Conducting strict hygiene audits to verify the standard protocols/ process so that we get the desired safe products & the services by reviewing the audit reports.
  • Designing effective and efficient SOPs related to the hotel's hygiene, sanitation & disinfection program.
  • Formulating and maintaining an up-to-date methodology manual pertaining to food safety & hygiene/ HACCP.
  • Monitoring & assisting the department to follow all procedures and protocols to maintain excellent sanitation and a hygienic environment.
  • Continually liaising with external agencies (third-party inspection agencies, health authorities etc.) on food and safety hygiene aspects.
  • Well-educated & trained staff, maintaining high standards in all food handling & storage areas such as kitchen, restaurants, stores, receiving and disposal areas to adhere at all times to required hygiene standards.

Ananta Hotels & Resorts is committed to providing safe and hygienic environments, and to upholding the highest standards of food safety at all properties i.e. Udaipur, Pushkar, Ranthambore.

For the well-being of our colleagues & extreme care for the guests, Ananta is continuing to develop new work procedures in an effort to ensure safety in response to COVID-19.
While full details for the sanitation programs are still in development as per health & safety organizations such as FSSAI (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare), World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local authorities to make it more strong and expected to share soon, hotel preventive measures are under consideration include:
  • During guest pick up & drop, cars will be disinfected after every arrival.
  • For all pre-booked guests, all check-in formalities should be completed online to reduce contact & time at the front desk.
  • Direct room check-in / check-out - Guests can check-in / check-out directly from their rooms after the contactless formalities.
  • Newspapers are not being delivered due to safety reasons, but e-papers would be made available through WhatsApp etc.
  • Once a room is vacated, it will be cleaned & disinfected thoroughly. The next guest can use that room only after 48 Hrs. Guest rooms will not have access unless rooms are thoroughly disinfected.
  • No turndown services & room linen to be changed ONLY on request in the occupied room to avoid too much movement & contact in the guest room.
  • Amenities: Remove mini bar, pen, paper and guest directory; or available upon request.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces and areas like lobbies, guestrooms, restaurants, meeting and event spaces, recreational areas, public restrooms, fitness centres, elevator buttons, and all employee areas will be disinfected with 1.0% sodium hypochlorite. This will help to eliminate any potential bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.
  • For metallic surfaces like door handles, security locks, keys etc 70 % alcohol will be used to wipe surfaces, where the use of bleach is not suitable.
  • Extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guest’s room areas – light switches, door handles, TV remotes, thermostats and more.
  • Well-trained staff will serve the food to the guest with protective gear to avoid buffet & minimize the touch.
  • Implementation of enhanced hygiene protocols for food preparation, restaurant/ IRD service, group meetings and events.
  • Protective masks and other safety gears are mandatory to be worn by the staff.
  • Guidelines also include prominently placing hand sanitisers throughout hotel public areas and entrances, as well as introducing social distancing (at least 1 meter) signage that will provide guidance for guests in public spaces with the screening of body temperature of guests & the employees.
  • Only 3-4 persons in an area of 10 ft at any given point of time.
  • Change & discard the mask after disinfection in 1 % sodium hypochlorite solution within 6 hrs & as it is wet. Discard in a separate bin.
  • Hands wash minimum up to 20 sec & maintain the physical distancing minimum 1 meter.
  • Ensure health checkups for employees as per government guidelines.
  • Arogya setu application is made mandatory for the staff to download for tracking purposes.
  • Training and 3rd party audits to make the system more effective & efficient.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ananta assembled a COVID emergency response team, which enables us to promptly update detailed guidelines and address emergency situations.

Ananta Hotels & Resorts Safety Initiative

From January 2020, we assembled a team that began discussing the COVID-19 pandemic and planned the preventive measures to keep our prestigious guests safe.
Ananta is following the guidelines and information shared by FSSAI, WHO, CDC & other leading organizations and experts.

“Providing safe and hygienic environments to our guests & employees are always the top priority”.