Leopard Conservation Reserve, Jawai Bandh, Kothar, Rajasthan 306504


Rajasthan is a land dotted with history and legends. The state also boasts substantial forest cover and a vast spread of native flora and fauna. It is home to many well-known animal species such as the majestic leopard. Tourists and travellers seek the thrill of observing these spotted beasts in their natural habitat. What better way to gain such an experience than living in the thrilling jungle itself! Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn offers the most exciting stay near the Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve.


Our resort also holds unique historical importance. Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn was established by the son of Thakur Sultan Singhji of Thikana Padampura of the erstwhile Jaipur State, who is also in charge of the management of this property. Guests of the inn can feel the regality of our premium services and the deep-rooted connections to the royal family. Our resort, like no other in the state, gives our guests the opportunity to bask in the luxury of living in decadent tents, set right in the middle of the jungle. These tents are decked with modern amenities so that you are not completely alienated from the modern world.

Accommodation at Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn

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The luxury tents at Sultan-e-Jawai and the path interconnecting them shot at sunset
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At Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn, we offer all our guests a quality and luxurious staying experience with the 10 Royal Swiss Tents at our compound. These tent-like rooms in Jawai Bandh have been designed with our guests’ comfort in mind. They are designed for leisure guests who choose our resort to relax and enjoy. They are spacious and equipped with the necessary furnishings and amenities required for a memorable stay. Besides, every booking comes with the brand promise of Ananta Global Hotels, providing the best services to our customers.

Dining at Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn

We try and bring the essence of Rajasthani culture to our guests through a delectable list of native dishes in our extensive menu at our restaurant, Oasis. Our menu also has a plethora of options from the North Indian cuisine for our guests to choose from. The food is prepared with care and finesse to match the standards of a royal setting. Moreover, the ambience of the restaurant also adds to your experience. We also provide chargeable services to our guests wherein we set up meals on top of a nearby hill so that you can enjoy the resplendent views of the wilderness below.

Facilities at Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn

The defining feature of Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn, which makes it one of the most popular hotels in Jawai Bagh is our facilities. Besides the basic amenities and necessities, we offer our guests additional services such as bird watching tours, exclusive night safaris for which we reserve the sole rights to the entire area, tribal and off-roading safaris, and crocodile watching. Come get lost in the hauntingly beautiful natural habitat of leopards and revel in the serenity of the jungle at Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn.

Hotel Amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Tea & coffee maker
  • Room service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wardrobe
  • Bath slippers
  • Free Parking