A leopard resting on a rocky surface during daytime

This hidden gem of Rajasthan gets its name from the Jawai River, a tributary of the Luni River that flows in the area. Jawai is most commonly visited for two attractions, the majestic leopards that inhabit the region and the marvellous Jawai Bandh (Dam) that helps maintain the ecosystem of the Jungle and provides water to Jodhpur city.

An exterior view of the Luxury tents at our resort - Sultan e jawai

Jawai is an area with uneven terrain and a substantial forest cover but what makes it a gem is the harmonious co-existence of animals and humans.

People sitting on a jeep during Leopards Safari - Sultan e Jawai

Until recently, Jawai was one of the best kept secrets for centuries and the extraordinary natural beauty of the area has recently been discovered and developed with beautiful experiences curated by top holiday resorts in Jawai.

a flock of pelicans in water

Known as the sanctuaries for leopards, birds, and crocodiles - Javai is a substantial forest cover perfect for nature enthusiasts.