A Weekend in Jawai

In a state dotted with forts and palaces, in a land renowned for its golden sand dunes, and in a place filled with history, there exists an area, that until recently was Rajasthan’s best-kept secrets. Jawai is an area with uneven terrain and a substantial forest cover but what makes it a gem is the harmonious co-existence of animals and humans. The local inhabitants of Jawai do not fear the mighty leopard as they say that they have a deep-rooted connection and understanding that dates back to centuries and there have been no reported incidents of disturbance. Jawai is a fairly remote area and it has been kept that way for this harmonious cohabitation to continue prevailing.
If you wish to explore all that this region has to offer, it starts with research on which one of the resorts in Jawai you will book for your stay here. Amongst the top-rated properties, our recommendation for a luxury resort near Jawai is the Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn. Highlights of the property include accommodation in luxurious Swiss Tents that are decked with modern amenities, a 24 hours room-service to pamper guests and delicious food including local delights and a multi-cuisine menu to spoil you with choice at the restaurant. Moving on to the activities and things to do, most people think that Jawai Leopards Safari is the only attraction of this place but read on to see many more things that you can do over a fun weekend in Jawai.

People sitting on a jeep during Leopards Safari - Sultan e Jawai


Starting with what is sure to be the highlight of your weekend, the Safari is a thrilling adventure for people of all ages. In this breathtaking region of Rajasthan, the birds, the flora and of course the spotted beasts promise a truly unique safari. As the excursion begins with a pick-up from your luxury resort near Jawai the informed guides try to unravel the mystery of the land. Guests say that a measure of that mystery continues to exist even long after the safari is over with memories that are cherished for years. The rangers guiding you are highly trained and they study the leopard’s schedules to sync your excursion with them, to provide the best chances of spotting the wild neighbour in its natural habitat. The jeeps are customised with a 4x4 drive to deal with the ruggedness of the region, enabling guests to explore every corner of Jawai under the guidance of a ranger on board.
While everyone enjoys a daylight safari, the thrill of a Night Safari is unparalleled. Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn organises Night Safaris that start around 8 PM and they solely reserve the right for Night Safaris in the region.


More than 300 temples and shrines dot the splendid landscape of Jawai. With a place steeped in history and preserved from modern civilisation for so long, each place of worship in the region has its own little tale. The locals are strong believers and worshippers, so guests on a temple trail can witness one of the daily worships and ceremonies with a tranquil atmosphere and positive vibes surrounding them amidst the wilderness.

an image of a temple with the sky in the background shot during daytime
A Rajasthani sheep hearder herding sheeps - Sultan E Jawai


A short distance from your luxury resort in Jawai you will get a chance to meet the Rabari tribesmen who can distinctively be made out with their bright and vivid red turbans. Ditch the hustle-bustle of the city and set upon a peaceful stroll in the magnificent landscapes of Jawai with a Rabari tribesman to accompany you on your adventure. The Rabaris are traditionally shepherds who are nomads that walk for months at a stretch with their cattle. In this village excursion away from the resorts in Jawai, guests get to witness the colourful and blissful rural Indian wilderness in the complex and diverse countryside of Rajasthan.


From beginner birdwatchers to extreme twitchers, Jawai is a paradise that is home to more than 170 species of birds. While birdwatching is for general enthusiasts who like to sight birds, twitching is a little more extreme with a slight hint of obsession for trying to spot as many different species of birds as possible. Each individual sighting is called a ‘twitch’ or a ‘tick’ that gives connoisseur twitchers an adrenaline rush every single time. Jawai has one of the largest varieties of birds found in a particular region with a new species getting discovered every now and then, making it an excellent destination for bird enthusiasts.

A white coloured bird with a yellow beak standing on a grass plane with greenery in the background
An aerial view of hills covered in greenery and rocks


In addition to the quintessential Jawai Leopards Safari make the most of your weekend in Jawai by adding a day to it to explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majestic 15th-century fort of Kumbhalgarh that is located approximately 1 and a half hours away from resorts in Jawai. Known as the ‘Great Wall of India’, this magical eyrie is sure to stun you with its rustic grandiose. Extend the excursion into a full day’s outing with a visit to the intricately carved, stunning temples of Ranakpur that are truly an architectural marvel.


If you choose to stay at our recommended luxury resort near Jawai, the Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn then you can set upon a trek of your choice that is uniquely curated for each guest in compliance with their requirement. From a leisurely stroll to a gentle hike in the fields, or a slightly more challenging trek through one of the hills that surround the property, guests can choose an expedition to their liking. If it interests you, you can also book a rock-climbing session for a stimulating experience.

an aerial view of a river splitting into two with a hill in the background - Jawai Resort Facilities
Exterior view of the luxury tents with a sunset in the background - Sultan e Jawai


All things aside, this is one experience you cannot miss when in Jawai. Resorts in Jawai like the Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn will assist you in setting up a table perched on a nearby hilltop with unhindered views of the wilderness. Gaze into the distance, and take in the picturesque views, as you sip and snack. A golden sunset will offer one of the best views you’ll ever have witnessed and that is how you can spend a magical weekend in Jawai.