Jawai Bandh Safari

Rajasthan is a dreamland for travellers looking for the right mix of natural beauty, city life, forts, jungles, hills and of course the desert. In this blog we are going to shed light on one magical getaway that Rajasthan has hidden up its sleeve which is a beautiful gem tucked away amidst wilderness. Bera is a quaint, little village located in the Jawai area. Until recently, Jawai was one of the best kept secrets for centuries and the extraordinary natural beauty of the area has recently been discovered and developed with beautiful experiences curated by top holiday resorts in Jawai. The distinct and vivid red turbans of the Rabari Tribals is a fascinating visual treat that is very peculiar to this region. The tribals, the local inhabitants and an extremely healthy leopard population have harmoniously been living in the area for centuries and it is important to protect this while still being able to enjoy the raw beauty of Jawai. This area offers the right environment for a syncretic wildlife to prosper and to retain a thriving populace of leopards in this wonderland, its eminent for the harmony to continue prevailing between humans and animals. Let’s take a look at what the Jawai Bandh Safari looks like and all that it would entail.

2 leopards in the wild with green surrounding them - Sultan e Jawai


Head out from your resort in Jawai and spend the day heading deep out into the jungle in search of the spotted beasts. The leopard safari is one of the most adventurous wildlife experiences that can be relished in the state of Rajasthan. The leopards in the Jawai Safari usually tend to reside in natural caves that are naturally shaped. Owing to the extremely rugged and uneven terrain of the region, it can be quite a difficult task to spot the leopards but the safaris are organised by experts who can track them for a surreal sighting. No matter how many times you visit and spot the leopard, it is a major release of both endorphins and adrenaline each and every time. Leopards are big, powerful cats that are closely related to the jaguar, tiger and lion family. The attributes that make them stand apart from other big cats in the family are that they are extremely agile, comparatively lighter in weight and slightly smaller in size. Unlike lions and tigers, leopards are usually spotted alone because they are known to be solitary creatures and for their extreme agility they are known as “Ghosts of the Forest.” In addition to the highlight of the jungle, one can also spot many other animals in the jungle including wolves, jungle cats, mongoose and more than 170 species of birds. This staggering exhibit of reptiles, birdlife, crocodiles, and a variety of flowers will keep you entertained while your spotter tries spotting the graceful leopard for you.

Depart from your resort in Jawai early in the morning. During the safari, as the sun rises, it brings warmth to the day combined with some seriously startling scenery of the Jawai Dam. As you drive through the jungle in the jeep, the surrounding hills interspersed with fascinating rock formations will fascinate each onlooker with a gorgeous view. During the safari you will, of course, come across the Rabari tribesmen who can distinctively be made out dressed in their traditional attires as they herd their cattle.

Last but not the least, the night safari is a highlight of the Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn as they are the only resort in Jawai that reserves the exclusive and sole rights of the entire area for night safaris. The thrill of the night is absolutely different from what you experience in the day and is a must-do when you plan a weekend in Jawai.


Jawai is a hidden gem of Rajasthan and although many resorts claim to be in this area, there are hardly any that are in extreme proximity to the Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve. As ironic as it sounds, the wilderness is best experienced when it is steeped in luxury. Therefore, it is highly advised to research very well and choose from one of the top holiday resorts in Jawai. Our recommendation would be to pick a holiday resort that offers a comfortable stay, has a strategic location and is also easy on the pocket. Taking all these factors into consideration the Best Resort in Jawai is the Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn.

An outdoor view of the luxury tent interiors with a queen size bed - Sultan e Jawai

In a state that is better known for its history, culture, and the Thar Desert there also thrives a substantial forest cover with a stunning variety of native flora and fauna. Tourists mostly visit Jawai to observe the majestic leopards in their natural habitat and there is nothing that can beat the thrill of living in the jungle itself for wildlife enthusiasts. Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn not only has a brilliant location but also boasts of rich history. The property was established by the heir of Thakur Sultan Singhji of Thikana Padampura of the erstwhile Jaipur State. He himself is the one who is in charge of the management of this property. Under his management and with all the history that the resort breathes, guests can literally feel the regality owing to the deep-rooted connections to the royal family. What makes it the Best Resort in Jawai is the type of accommodation that Sultan E Jawai offers. Guests of the inn are hosted to bask in the luxury of living in decadent tents, that are set up right in the middle of the jungle. To ensure that you don’t feel completely alienated from the modern world, these rustic yet luxurious Swiss tents are decked with modern amenities. The extremely spacious 400 sq. ft. Royal Swiss Tents near Jawai Bandh are brilliantly curated to combine royal opulence with the ultimate comfort and the premium hospitality of the Ananta brand. These rooms feature a king-sized bed, effective air-conditioning, complimentary breakfast, internet access, a tea & coffee maker, and a wardrobe. A round-the-clock availability of room service further makes Sultan E Jawai one of the top holiday resorts in Jawaito experience living in a jungle environment.