Offbeat Activities to Do in Jawai

The very essence of a holiday in Jawai is an offbeat adventure that is set to take you on a ride that’s wild, filled with thrill and one that will etch fond memories forever. The Jawai Leopards Safari is by far the number one activity to do in the area and you can make your vacation even more indulgent by choosing to stay in Luxury tents in Jawai. If a getaway in the wilderness attracts you then Jawai has a whole lot more of where that came from and here’s a detailed list of offbeat activities one can plan to do in Jawai.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, we still choose to begin with this because the wildlife safari here is unlike any other. The Jawai Dam is home to tigers and many more species of animals such as hyenas, beard, crocodiles and nilgai. Witnessing the agility of the mighty tigers in their natural surroundings is a definite thriller that attracts a lot of tourists to this upcoming offbeat holiday spot. In addition to the day time safari, you can also choose to do a round during the night time and that’s what makes Jawai truly unique because very few national parks allow it to happen during those hours. Tigers by nature are nocturnal animals, so the chances of spotting are much higher and if we’re being totally honest, there is something about the night time that just gives that extra shot of adrenaline rush. Only Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn, Pali reserves the rights to hold night time safaris, so make sure to book your stay there if you wish to seek the thrill of a late night expedition.


The Jawai Bandh was built in the year 1946 by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur to prevent the annual floods that hampered Pali and Jalore districts during the monsoon. With the building of the dam, not only was the natural disaster intelligently managed, but it also gave birth to one of the most stunning dams surrounded by a rugged landscape that looks like its straight out of a picture-perfect painting. The views especially during the golden hour and the sunset are truly surreal and are sure to take your breath away. Choosing a resort in Jawai Dam that has a good advantage point can ensure endless views that are absolutely sensational.

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No matter how many activities you plan, a major part of your holiday is spent where you stay. What better than turning that into an activity itself?! There are plenty of resorts to choose from in the Jawai area but we recommend choosing a royal Swiss tent at the Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn which is perfect because it gives you a sense of belonging to the area and makes you feel up and close with nature while also ensuring that the luxury of modern amenities comforts you for a memorable time. Luxury Tents in Jawai at Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn feature complete air-conditioning, king-sized beds, internet access, and flawless 24-hour room service.


Jawai is often referred to as the mecca for bird watchers for the mesmerizing number of species that can be spotted in the region. A gorgeous row of Flamingos, a pod of pelicans, or a crown of kingfishers is sure to make you hustle out that camera. For the avid twitchers, Jawai is also home to variety of resident and migrating birds that are rare to spot elsewhere. At a resort inJawai Damone can spend days counting and then losing count of the number of species spotted.



The local tribals of Jawai are called the Rabaris and many remarkable attributes make them quite interesting. Of course, their vibrant turbans are the first thing you will notice as they are quite distinct and attractive. Make sure you get a picture with a local in their bright turban for a keepsake. While the tribesmen are focused on taking care of the cattle, the women of the Rabari Tribe take care of the children and household chores. They also make handicrafts to add to the income. With a local walking tour, you can learn pottery, shop for local items like jackets and also drink ‘desi’ kullhad chai which is served in handcrafted clay mugs made by the local women. Another thing that is quite fascinating is that the Rabari tribals live in harmonious coexistence with the Tigers. The locals wander the area fearlessly and it is one of the rare national park areas that doesn’t have a fence. Meet them, learn about them and delve into the local culture.


The unique hill formations and the dam blend together to ensure that when you’re in Jawai, each sunrise and each sunset is nothing short of pure magic. The play of light makes the rugged landscape slowly transform into a golden terrain that will leave you stunned.

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While the Luxury Tents in Jawai are great for a romantic getaway, a private picnic can elevate that experience exponentially. A picturesque backdrop and flawless hospitality will pamper you as you enjoy high tea or pop some of that fantastic bubbly. Picnics can be planned as a romantic evening for couples or a fun sundowner for groups.

With a whole list of things and offbeat activities to do in Jawai, this upcoming tourist spot definitely needs to go on your bucket list. If you are planning a trip to Jawai, the best time for that is from September to March as the weather is pleasant and the winter brings in an array of migratory birds.