Facilities at Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn

an aerial view of a river splitting into two with a hill in the background - Jawai Resort Facilities


Night Safari

Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn reserves exclusive rights to offer our guests a night safari in the Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve. The safari takes about two hours and commences at 8:00 p.m.

A white coloured bird with a yellow beak standing on a grass plane with greenery in the background


Bird Watching

Guests can also indulge in the fun of watching birds in Jawai Bandh from our premises to observe exotic and native birds who often visit the sanctuary area.

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We provide services to our guests for trekking expeditions to nearby destinations. These expeditions are designed to suit our guests according to their requirements.


People sitting on a jeep during a safari and viewing the sunset

Recreational Activities 

Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn has facilities that allow guests to spend their leisure time with some entertaining indoor and outdoor games. These facilities are provided as demanded.

Rajasthani folk women and men in their traditional attire gathered together - Sultan E Jawai

Tribal Safari

Our tribal safari services give guests an opportunity to explore the native culture and heritage of the surrounding area.

two large gre coloured birds standing on a grass plane next to a waterbody

Dam Safari

Jawai Dam, located at a distance of 16 km from the hotel, is a well-known tourist spot. A nest for a variety of migratory birds and crocodiles, Sultan E Jawai promises a memorable safari to this popular destination.

A silhouette of about 7 people playing volley ballshot during daytime - Sultan E Jawai


Enjoy a thrilling game of volleyball at Sultan E Jawai Ananta. Showcase the sportsmanship with the adrenaline rush of an amazing game. 

3 people on top of a hill gathered for a picnic during daytime - Sultan E Jawai

Breakfast and High Tea on Ananta Hill

At Sultan E Jawai Ananta, indulge in an exquisite breakfast and high tea atop Ananta Hill. The lip-smacking dishes paired with the panoramic views will certainly provide a unique experience during your stay in Pali!

 view of the carrom board and a game is being played by two people - Sultan E Jawai

Carom Board

Reminiscence the memories of childhood with a game of carom with your friends at Sultan E Jawai Ananta Relive the bygone moments and refresh yourself.

A leopard resting on a rocky surface during daytime

Leopard Safari

Spot leopards in their natural habitat at the safari offered at our resort. The fiery beasts would definitely leave a remark on your memory and give you an interesting tale to tell.

View of the property's swimming pool with lush greenery in the background - Sultan E Jawai Ananta Inn

Swimming Pool

Take a refreshing dip in our swimming pool to beat the heat. Enjoy a memorable evening by the poolside with your special someone.

A view of 2 people playing badminton inside the resort during daytime - Sultan e Jawai


A game of badminton with your friends would surely awaken the sportsperson inside you. Enjoy a game at Sultan E Jawai Ananta on our open ground with all the necessary equipment.

 view of the carrom board and a game is being played by two people - Sultan E Jawai


Carrom Board

a man wearing a white coloured jersey holding a cricket bat standing next to the wicket


You would agree with us if we say that not a single person is there without a memory of laying cricket during their childhood days. After all, the game somehow unites us in its own way. So enjoy cricket and collect more memories related to it.

A silhouette of about 7 people playing volley ballshot during daytime - Sultan E Jawai


Volley Ball