Bhimtal is undoubtedly one of those locations that fits the bill if you're looking for a somewhat secluded location that is peaceful enough to appreciate the natural beauty yet accessible enough to be readily reached and offers a variety of things to do. This charming town, which is not far from the crowded and busy town of Nainital, is a haven for tourists seeking a tranquil retreat far from the crowds, noise, and pollution. The Royal Court Ananta Express is a luxury resort near Bhimtal which is highly recommended if you wish to enjoy the town to its fullest. It is a cosy property with 30 rooms including Luxury Rooms for travellers on a budget, Premium Rooms for those looking for an upgrade with a more spacious room and a stunning view. The Family Suites with Two Bedrooms in Bhimtal offer an even better experience. The best services and amenities are provided in these suites to ensure that their stay is as comfortable as possible. This suite is very wonderful, featuring a comfortable king-size bed, laundry service, free internet access, room service, a separate living space, a private balcony, and a fully furnished kitchenette. A luxury resort close to Bhimtal offers this kind of accommodation, which may be essentially classified into five categories and is further described.

man standing on cliff near trees

Solo Travellers Looking to Explore

For the eyes that are constantly on the lookout for the epic delights of nature and for the soul that thrives on wandering and discovering the planet, Bhimtal is a town that you can add to your bucket list for its picturesque views and mystical vibes. We know you constantly love being on your feet in search of the next great view and Bhimtal has something magical to offer on each turn. Book your stay at one of the many budgeted hotel rooms in Bhimtal that are available with our recommendation being the Luxury Room at Royal Court Ananta Express which is cosy, comfortable and affordable with all necessary amenities at your disposal.

A Romantic Getaway for Couples

If there is one thing that takes the romance factor up a notch, it’s a getaway in the hills. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to take some time to spend in each other’s company, all you need to do is book a luxury resort near Bhimtal and take that break! The Premium Rooms at Royal Court Ananta Express are perfect to enjoy a secluded place with scenic views from the room. Cuddle up with your partner and enjoy the scenic beauty with our helpful personnel at your disposal.

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Scenic hill view at Bhimtal

A Rejuvenating Family Vacation

With the fast-paced lives we’re living, it becomes hard to spend some quality time with the family. As parents become busy with work and children stay occupied with their school and extracurricular, a short vacation plays an important role in bringing the family together and closer. Bhimtal is a great destination for families looking for such a getaway in the hills with many activities of interest for adults and children alike. From exploring cutesy cafes to boating and even short treks for those looking for some physical activity, there is so much you can plan to do as a family in Bhimtal. The best way to enjoy this town is to avoid hotel rooms in Bhimtal and instead book a Family Suite at Royal Court Ananta Express. This suite features a well-equipped kitchenette, a private balcony to sit outside and take in the gorgeous view and a separate living area to chat, catch up, play board games and more. Each suite is a set of two bedrooms that works well for a family of 4 or 5 persons to enjoy a short vacation in the hills of Kumaon.

A Friends Reunion

A trip with your best people is always fun but a great location can make the holiday totally enthralling. Geographically speaking, Bhimtal is very close to Nainital making it less than a day’s drive from the majority of North India. Alternatively, guests can take a train to the Kathgodam Railway Station, catch a flight to the Pantnagar Airport, or hop on a bus to the Kailash Dwar Bus Stop, each of which is at a driving distance from the secluded town. Book a stay in Bhimtal in advance, especially if you are travelling with a big group. We recommend choosing from the Luxury Rooms or Premium Rooms at the Royal Court Ananta Express if the group mostly consists of couples. Whereas, for a group of 4-6 people we would recommend the two-bedroom suite as that will give you a whole lot of private space to have the best time. From the property, the group can plan day picnics, boating excursions, bonfire evenings and more such activities to help you let lose and enjoy the town to its fullest.

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conference room in bhimtal at The Royal Court Ananta Express 2

Corporate Meeting in Bhimtal

A getaway from the office can really be the break your team needs to not just relax but also build stronger bonds and such team-building practices can go a long way in increasing productivity. Bhimtal is a brilliant choice for how it can cut you off from the hustle and bustle while still keeping you connected. In addition to corporate retreats, companies can also plan a conference or meeting in Bhimtal which is a truly unique destination and we suggest contacting the property directly for the best offers and deals. Royal Court Ananta Express has a classy Conference Room among its other facilities, making it a good choice for corporate gatherings.

As we arrive at the end of this blog, there should be a good clarity about the different types of stay in Bhimtal and what kind you should be choosing depending on the number of people you are with and the kind of holiday you are looking for. As for activities in Bhimtal, this town will surprise you with its offerings and here is our comprehensive list of 5 Things to Do in Bhimtal.