Wellness & Spa in Ranthambore at The Baagh Ananta Elite

Our spa in Ranthambore offers a host of relaxing massages, therapies and international treatments. Rejuvenate your body and mind at our spa.
Timing: 8 AM to 9 PM


person getting a massage at Ananta Pushkar 5

Herbal Touch (Swedish Massage)

A deeply therapeutic treatment using oil blends to either aid in relaxation or stimulate the body and mind. This massage release knots and tension in the body using firm or gentle pressure, effectively easing tired and aching muscles.

Duration: 90 min

person getting a massage at Ananta Pushkar

Sushakti (Deep Tissue Massage)

A massage that manipulates soft tissue by blending massage strokes with effective deep penetration techniques. It helps reduce muscle fatigue and aids in the recovery of damaged tissue. It is best suited for guests experienced in massage.

Duration: 60/90 min

person getting a massage at Ananta Pushkar 4

Balinese Massage

A relaxing traditional Balinese massage, which involves kneading of deep tissue that helps blood flow to your lymphatic system.

Duration: 60/90 min

a woman doing yoga on a mat


Opt for our peaceful yoga sessions to strengthen your mind and body, and strengthen your physical power. Yoga also helps you fight physical illnesses and paves the way for a longer and healthier life. Weight reduction, diabetes control, and respite from asthma, spondylitis, arthritis, hemiplegic, gynaecological issues, and other physical and mental ailments are some of the myriad benefits of Yoga. 

Duration: 45 min

person practicing yoga outdoors


Regular meditation is an important part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Meditation is an ancient and holistic practice that is focused on brain health - it is a practice that helps your mind achieve a calm and stable state, and paves the way for a longer and healthier life. Escape from the stress and pressures of daily life, and strengthen your mind and inner spirit with our special meditation sessions. 
Duration: 45 min