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An Excursion To Tranquility & a Soul-healing Massage in Pushkar

Tattva Spa in Pushkar invites you to experience the rich mystic fusion of ancient Indian philosophy with the latest contemporary wellness methods. The specialized therapies at our spa resort in Pushkar are based on the balance of five universal elements: Prithvi (Earth) Vayu (Air) Agni (Fire) Jal (Water) Aakash (Sky)

A man receiving facial massage from a masseur

Avail a comforting sojourn filled with relaxing and rejuvenating treatments.

a person receiving back massage and oil being poured by a masseur

Check out our selection of massages to help you de-stress and find peace from within.

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Our range of beauty elixirs ensures soft, supple skin, a radiant glow and a toxin-free body. 

person receiving back massage from a masseur

Avail of our Express Therapies to improve blood circulation and soothe tensed muscles. 

a woman with a face mask in bathrobe holding a glass of juice

Check out our Face Mask Collection specially curated for different kinds of skin.