Things To Do in Kota

Located on the banks of Chambal, the only permanent river in Rajasthan, Kota is a beautiful city, known for its educational institutions and industrial and commercial importance.  The charming city, known for its great cultural significance and traditional heritage, has a spectacular palace with a museum, beautiful boating sites, lush gardens, food joints and several other tourist spots.

  • City Palace
  • Chambal Garden
  • Jagmandir Palace

  • Kishore Sagar
  • Garadia Mahadev Temple
  • Seven Wonder Park


City Palace

The City Palace, dating back to 1624, is one of the oldest and largest complexes of its kind in Rajasthan. The Rao Madho Singh Museum, located within the palace complex houses some of the finest and rarest artefacts of the city. 


Chambal Gardens

Chambal Gardens, located on the riverbanks, is a charming place to spend your time. From the Chambal gardens, you can take a boat trip to the City Palace, or sail through the lush Darrah National Park. 


Jagmandir Palace

Located in the middle of Kishore Sagar Lake, this ethereal palace is a must-visit in Kota. Jagmandir Palace is a stunning stone structure that was built in the year 1740.


Kishore Sagar Lake

Made in the 14th century the Kishore Sagar Lake is a stunning and one of the biggest man-made lakes in Rajasthan. One can enjoy boating here. You can also relish a variety of street food while enjoying the resplendent evening views here. 


Garadia Mahadev Temple

The Garadia Mahadev Temple is nestled in a cliff, that is located in a gorge through which the Chambal river flows. The stunning location, surrounded by the exuberant greens and watery landscape, makes for a postcard-perfect place to relax, spend time, or have picnics.


Seven Wonder Park

Popular among families, children and students, the Seven Wonder Park in Kota is a theme park inspired by the seven wonders of the world. It is a wonderful spot for photo ops as well.