Adventure Activities in Pushkar

Pushkar is a tranquil town displaying a unique combination of sand dunes, hills, and oases. This culturally rich destination offers a range of great experiences, from exhilarating hikes, colourful festivals, and quirky cafes to exciting hot air balloon rides, marvellous temples, and camel rides. These adventure activities in Pushkar will keep you engaged and make your visit a memorable one.

Let us walk you through a few of the adventure activities in Pushkar and help you plan your trip!

Camel Rides

Hop on a camel and explore the beautiful sand dunes of Pushkar. The bumpy and rhythmic ride atop a camel will take you through the vast desert, where the sound of the sands swishing against the camel’s feet will accompany you. Engage in conversations with the camel men and learn about the local folklore and history of the town.

camel ride in pushkar 1
A hot air balloon gliding over the desert in Pushkar

Hot Air Balloon Rides

When you are in Pushkar, a hot air balloon ride is a must during the camel fair. Get away from the crowd and glide swiftly over the vast desert, with an amazing bird’s eye view of the famous Pushkar Fair. These balloon rides are usually organised towards the end of the fair and the best hour to take a ride is during sunrise, when the soft rays of the sun gently light up the temples, ghats, and the ancient architecture surrounding the Pushkar lake. Grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience and capture the best pictures.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is among the various thrilling adventure activities in Pushkar, which will take you through the offbeat and rugged paths in town. Book a jeep safari and drive through the undulating desert, exploring the remote villages, splendid old forts, palaces, and temples. It is one of the more popular activities for adventure enthusiasts and shutterbugs.

jeep safari in pushkar

For travellers with a rich appetite for adventure, Pushkar is the right destination. Along with the thrilling activities that we discussed above, this town is also a great place for trekking enthusiasts. Various famous temples located atop hills are great spots for trekking.

Let’s take a peek at the popular locations for trekking in Pushkar!

Pap Mochani Temple

The trek to Pap Mochani Temple is a short one and takes only about 15 minutes to reach on top of the hill. Once you set foot on the top, you can immerse yourself in panoramic views of the town and the holy Pushkar lake. Pap Mochani temple is coloured in bright pink hues, that can be spotted from anywhere in the town.

Pap Mochani Temple in pushkar
Ratnagiri Hill in pushkar

Ratnagiri Hill

If you are a trekking aficionado, don’t miss the chance to ascend one of the best places in Pushkar, Ratnagiri Hill. At the top of the Ratnagiri hill is Savitri Temple, dedicated to Lord Brahma’s wife. The evening is the best time to begin the 1.5 km trek to Ratnagiri Hill and to enjoy the breathtaking sunset views and the scenic sights and sounds of the city.

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