Host the Perfect Destination Wedding in Pushkar

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Bordering the Thar desert, built around a sacred lake, boasting hundreds of temples, is the serene city of Pushkar. Pushkar is a popular spot for thousands of devotees and tourists alike. The town is surrounded by the ‘Nag Pahar’ hills on three sides, which translates to snake mountain. These hills form a natural border between Pushkar and its neighbouring city, Ajmer.

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Legend has it that Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, dropped a lotus on the ground that led to the creation of Pushkar Lake. In Sanskrit, Pushkar means ‘Blue Lotus’, giving the lake and town a beautiful name that will go down in history, as one of the most ancient cities in India. This common pilgrimage destination, often called ‘Tirtha-Raj’ which literally means ‘the king of pilgrim sites’, is home to a large number of temples, including the renowned Brahma Temple. The tranquillity of the town, along with its marvellous architecture, and rich heritage makes it a remarkable spot for travellers and destination weddings near Aravalli Hills.

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The orange skies reflected in the lake that is enclosed by the charming town and rolling hills make for a truly astounding setting. If you are planning a destination wedding, look no further, because Pushkar is the obvious choice.

Pushkar is the land of palaces, forts, museums, lakes, camels, havelis and stunning hotels, where you and your guests can genuinely enjoy this momentous occasion. Featuring luxurious accommodations, great amenities, lavish decor and a stunning wedding venue, the Ananta Spa & Resort is a much sought-after spot for holding a destination wedding in Pushkar.

One of the open-air venues at Ananta spa & resort fully decked up with chairs, tables and a projector screen for events in pushkar
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One of the open-air venues at Ananta spa & resort fully decked up with chairs, tables and a projector screen for events in pushkar

The glamour of the day is outright enhanced by the magnificent setting and surroundings that Pushkar has to offer. The splendid views of the town and the breathtaking decorations at your wedding venue are guaranteed to make wonderful backdrops for photographs that you will cherish forever.

We at Ananta Spa & Resort, one of the best resorts for destination weddings near Ajmer, are delighted to entertain you and your loved ones on your special day. With classy decor and modern amenities, our rooms are guaranteed to satisfy your guests' accommodation needs. Our resort, located in the heart of the city is easily accessible, avoiding the hassle. It is just a 50-minute drive away from the Kishangarh Airport, and a mere 5 minutes away from the Pushkar Railway Station. Our sprawling grounds are spacious enough to accommodate all your guests with ease. We offer a roomy and airy banquet hall, spread across 3150 sq. ft. for your destination wedding in Pushkar, as well as an expansive lawn area with incredible views of the hills, spread across 15290 sq. ft. Two ideal venues that are sure to make your special day an unforgettable one, for you and your guests.