Experiences at Jagira Ananta Elite, Gir

Candle light / Romantic dinner

Indulge in a romantic, candlelight dinner under the stars at pool deck

A close-up shot of a candlelight dinner set up underneath the stars

Impress your loved one with a romantic dinner at the pool deck. Nothing beats good food and ambience.

Escape to the luxurious Jagira Ananta Elite, Gir and indulge in a romantic candlelit dinner with your loved one at our stunning pool deck. Surrounded by the beauty of Gujarat, the ambience of the pool deck is the perfect setting for a romantic evening. Enjoy a delectable culinary experience curated by our talented chefs while gazing at the stars, making your stay with us a truly unforgettable experience. Book your romantic getaway today!


Jungle Safari

Go on a safari amidst the jungle and witness wildlife up close

A safari jeep ride amidst the jungle - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir

Experience the beauty and wonder of nature through our jungle safari. Every nature enthusiast's dream tour.

Experience the wilderness like never before with a thrilling jungle safari at Jagira Ananta Elite in Gir, Gujarat. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Gir forest and spot majestic lions, leopards, and other exotic wildlife. Our expert guides will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the rugged terrain. Book your safari now and make your trip to Gir an unforgettable one.


Wildlife Adventure

Indulge in an exciting wildlife adventure like no other

Lions resting in a den

Experience being enveloped by nature like never before. The fascinating wildlife of Gir awaits you.

Get up close and personal with the incredible wildlife of Gir with Wildlife Adventure at Jagira Ananta Elite. Our experienced guides will take you on a thrilling journey through the majestic forest, where you'll encounter majestic lions, leopards, and a variety of other exotic creatures. You'll also get the chance to explore the natural beauty of the area and discover the unique flora and fauna. Get on the best wildlife adventure of your life and create unforgettable memories.


Dhamal Dance

Witness the energetic Dhamal dance, a complimentary show for all residents

A dhamal dance performance

Watch a riveting Dhamal dance performance where they showcase the spirit of the Siddis' passion for hunting

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Siddis with a complimentary Dhamal dance performance at Jagira Ananta Elite in Gir, Gujarat. This unique dance form reflects the Siddis' passion for hunting and was traditionally performed after a successful hunt. During the reign of kings, Dhamal was the main source of entertainment. Immerse yourself in this fascinating tradition and witness the energy and enthusiasm of the dancers as they perform this ancient dance. Book your stay at Jagira Ananta Elite and get ready to be mesmerized by the Dhamal dance.