The Best Time to Visit Gir National Park

The Gir National Park is a natural habitat for the Asiatic lions, one of the most endangered species in the world. It is located nearly 65 km away from the Junagarh district and is home to many exotic species along with the majestic lions of Gir. It was established in 1965 to conserve the endangered lions amid the dry deciduous forests that provide a stable ecosystem to 606 plant species, nearly 2000 insect species, over 300 bird species and 36 species of mammals. This wildlife destination not only helps in maintaining a moderate climate in Gujarat but also fuels the tourism industry as it happens to be one of the prime attractions in the region.

Primarily, the weather in Sasan Gir is divided into three seasons viz a viz Summer, Monsoon and Winter. While the sanctuary is closed during the monsoon season, you can know more about the best time to visit Gir in this blog!


The summers in Sasan Gir begin in March and stretches to May when the region experiences sweltering heat. Usually, summers do not serve as the best season to visit Gir National Park, as most of the animals take shelter due to the scorching heat, making it difficult for safaris. However, some people like to travel during summer. People exploring during the sunny season can finish outdoor activities before noon. Once done, they can relax indoors during the daytime and go for a stroll after 5 pm which still gives you a good two hours before sunset. This is the best time to partake in wildlife photography as more animals come out to drink water from the nearby water bodies.

a sleeping lioness
a back buck grazing in forest


Winters are the best time to visit Sasan Gir. During the chilly weather, the climate is moderate and the post-monsoon greenery adds to the mesmerising views. As the temperature ranges between 10 degrees Celsius and 22 degrees Celsius, the flora and fauna are both in their best form between November and February. During the day, you can enjoy the jungle safari and watch the lions in their natural habitat. This season also witnesses migratory birds. Photography enthusiasts can snap pictures of Jungle Nightjar, Indian Pitta, Red-naped Ibis, Mottled Wood Owl and Barred Buttonquail.


Although the monsoon brings relief from the heat, it comes with heavy rains in Sasan Gir, which keeps the national park closed from June to October. The heavy rainfall forces the animals to seek shelter, making safaris and spotting wildlife creatures all the more difficult. Due to the rain, the condition of the safari roads becomes difficult to carry on with jeep safaris. However, the downfall replenishes the flora of the region, making it vibrant and fresh for the upcoming season when the park reopens.

a lioness sitting in the forest

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