An Excursion to Tranquillity

Tattva Spa invites you to experience the rich mystic fusion of ancient Indian philosophy with the latest contemporary wellness methods. Our specialized spa therapies are based on the balance of five universal elements:
Prithvi (Earth) Vayu (Air) Agni (Fire) Jal (Water) Aakash (Sky)

Our holistic mission is to give you idyllic moments of relaxation and replenishment in our well-designed, serene ambience. Transform and heal yourself with our comprehensive spa therapies ranging from select Indian and International massage express therapies and beauty elixirs, to our traditional spa baths with salt therapy and signature spa rituals.

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Indulge in a therapeutic retreat at Tattva Spa in The Baagh Ananta Elite, Ranthambore with our exotic spa treatments.


Tattva Spa offers a wide arrange of rejuvenating massages. Read more to learn about the therapies.


Get hydrating and radiant skin from our excellent therapies offered at The Baagh Ananta Elite, Ranthambore.


Feeling low on energy? Get a quick recharge from our express therapies offered at Tattva Spa.


Choose from our face mask collection and get specialised treatments based on your skin type.