Weekend Getaways From Delhi: Discover Exquisite Destinations

Escape the bustling city life of Delhi and embark on unforgettable weekend getaways to enchanting destinations. Here is a curated selection of ten cities that promise unique and delightful experiences.


Explore the wild beauty of Ranthambore, home to the majestic Bengal tigers. The national park's lush landscapes and historic ruins offer the perfect blend of wildlife adventure and cultural exploration.

When in Ranthambore, consider staying at The Baagh Ananta Elite, nestled near Ranthambore National Park. This resort offers an enchanting retreat with seven distinct room categories, ensuring a tailored experience for every guest. The resort boasts two exquisite restaurants, tantalising taste buds with culinary delights. A rejuvenating spa completes the experience, providing the perfect blend of luxury and tranquillity.

A beautiful shot of udaipur from the window of the city palace
two boats travelling on a lake with a white marbled building in the background


Known as the "City of Lakes," Udaipur captivates with its romantic ambience. Visit the iconic City Palace, cruise on Lake Pichola and immerse yourself in the rich history and architectural wonders.

Stay at The Ananta Udaipur, where luxury meets serenity. With six opulent room categories, the resort caters to every preference. Indulge in a culinary journey at three diverse restaurants and unwind at the lavish spa.


A sacred city with a vibrant spirit, Pushkar beckons with its tranquil lakes and the renowned Pushkar Camel Fair. Discover the Brahma Temple and stroll through the lively streets and colourful markets.

Escape to the enchanting Ananta Spa and Resort in Pushkar, where luxury unfolds in eight distinct room categories. Delight your palate at four exquisite restaurants and surrender to serenity at the rejuvenating spa.

Overview of the city of Pushkar surrounded by mountains and a lake in the centre
a solitary lion sitting on a boulder surrounded by nature in the Gir forest


Delve into the wilderness of Gir, the only place to witness Asiatic lions in their natural habitat. Enjoy safari adventures and connect with nature in this captivating sanctuary.

Discover wilderness luxury at Jagira Ananta Elite in Gir. With five room categories, the resort offers a haven in the heart of nature. Savour delectable cuisine at the on-site restaurant and elevate your stay with unique experiences that transform moments into lasting memories amidst the captivating landscapes of Gir.


Kota, known for its impressive forts and palaces, offers the perfect blend of history and modernity. Explore City Palace, Jagmandir and the serene Chambal Gardens for a tranquil weekend retreat.

Ananta has two hotels in Kota. Stay at either for a memorable time. Lotus Ananta Elite in Kota has four refined room categories, each designed for comfort and style. Indulge in culinary delights at the restaurant, offering a delectable fusion of flavours. 5 Flowers Ananta Elite in Kota has two exclusive room categories, each blending comfort and sophistication. Delight your taste buds at the in-house restaurant, offering a culinary journey that complements the hotel's elegant ambience.

a person standing on a pier looking at the sunset. A waterbody and trees also in the image
An overview of a beach with waves overlapping and the sun setting in the background


For a coastal escape, head to Goa. Beyond its vibrant beaches, delve into the rich Portuguese heritage, savour delectable seafood and experience the lively nightlife that defines this tropical paradise.

Discover contemporary charm at Richmonde Ananta Elite in Goa. Boasting four distinct room categories, this resort seamlessly combines comfort and modernity. Experience unparalleled hospitality and enjoy state-of-the-art facilities that enhance your stay.


Uncover the hidden gems of Bundi, a town adorned with intricate step wells, palaces and temples. Wander through the charming streets and witness the timeless beauty of this lesser-explored destination.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Classic Sapphire Ananta in Bundi. Choose from three distinctive room categories, each exuding classic charm. Indulge your palate at the hotel's two restaurants, offering a delightful fusion of flavours.

Steps leading up with columns having intricate carvings inside a building in Bundi
a person posing for a picture on top of a mountain with clouds in the background


Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Pali, known for its ancient temples and picturesque surroundings. Discover the historic Ranakpur Jain Temple and soak in the tranquillity of this offbeat retreat.

We have two resorts in Pali for your stay. Leopard Lair Ananta Express in Bera has two exclusive room categories that invite you into the heart of nature's beauty. Savour culinary delights at the multicuisine restaurant, complimenting your immersive experience amid the captivating landscapes of Bera. Ashok Vatika Ananta Elite in Ranakpur offers four indulgent room categories. Delight your palate at the multicuisine restaurant, where flavours dance harmoniously.

Embark on these weekend getaways near Delhi, each promising a distinct blend of history, nature and cultural charm. Whether you seek wildlife adventures, historical wonders, or coastal bliss, these cities are sure to rejuvenate your spirit.