Beauty Elixirs

a woman lying down for a spa treatment

Floral Mist (Body Polisher)

From the abyss of Himalayan Valleys, Floral Mist Body Polisher is a misty fusion of aromatic oils- Palash, Saffron, and floral extracts. The gentle exfoliating polisher evens the skin tone, gives you a fresh dewy glow, and makes your skin soft and supple.

Kalp Vriksha (Body Scrub)

Kalp vriksha, a herbal body scrub with nourishment tendencies of coconut, refurbish dead skin cells making skin radiantly smooth and even-toned.

Prithvi (Earth's Nectar - Body Wrap)

With the therapeutic propensities of Prithvi, this body wrap stands true to its name. Refresh in the cocoon of balmy refined wrap that drains toxins, tightens the skin and gives a natural radiant glow.

Cleansing Facial 

Castaway blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin cells, and clogged pores with a cast for your face. The cleansing facial refines skin clarity and reduces acne blemishes, leaving you with fresh skin that breathes and glows.

Shine Facial (For Skin Brightening)

A skincare treatment that takes care of our skin's health and provides the nourishment it needs. This gentle facial massage, with well-crafted, detoxifying ingredients, revitalizes the skin cells, rehabilitating the natural texture of your skin. Don't just glow, get your shine back.

Young & Radiant Facial (For Neglected Skin)

Combat ageing, mend the damage, and restore freshness with the facial for all the superhumans of the world. Don't let the long hours of work have you neglect your skin. Achieve younger-looking radiant skin with Young & Radiant Facial.

Hydra Facial (For Dry and Patchy Skin)

Don't let the drying weather get the best of you! Boost skin cell regeneration and improve skin's elasticity with the Hydra Facial. This treatment cleanses, extracts, hydrates, and nourishes your skin from deep within without leaving room for dryness.