Spa Sojourns

A man receiving facial massage from a masseur

Deep Sleep

Like a comforting hug from your favourite person, Deep Sleep treatment is your requisite Stress-Buster. After a long day at work or a tiring sports event, after a delayed wearying flight or a strenuous day at home, this spa session reboots your energies.
Includes: Deep tissue massage (60 min), Indian head massage (30 min) and Leg fatigue reliever (30 min)



Your Tann, Mann, and Aatma need two hours of nourishment. Our professionally trained healers relieve your tired muscles to replenish and freshen your senses. Deep tissue massage is followed by a detoxifying facial to soothe your tensed mind and body.
Includes: Choice of Swedish or Deep tissue massage (60 min) and Shine facial (60 min)


Slow down as you lose yourself to the healing art of traditional Indian massage followed by a floral body polisher concluded with an energizing clay wrap. This therapy is an end-to-end journey to Nirvana for your Tann, Mann, and Aatma.

Includes: Abhyanga massage (60 min), Floral mist body polisher (45 min) and Prithvi wrap (30 min)

Bliss (Couple Spa)

Set your job on hold while you enjoy a time out with your partner. Mix it up and revive your connection as both of you lose yourself to the healing power of the spa. In the tranquil setting, experience the bliss of love and life with your significant other.
Includes: Choice of full-body Swedish or Abhyanga massage (90 min)

Serenity (Couple Spa)

Honour the timeless journey of love and togetherness. Why wait for a special occasion? Savour every moment as you and your partner relish in the serene ambience of candlelight and essential oils.
Includes: Choice of full-body Swedish or Deep tissue massage (60 min) and Shine facial (60 min)

Unwind - Rewind

Want to truly relish in the sensibilities of spa therapy? Avail any 5 massages for 60 minutes each over a period of 15 days and have an unparalleled experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Includes: Choice of Indian Abhyanga, Deep-tissue and Swedish massage (Valid only for 15 days)