Express Therapies

person receiving back massage from a masseur

Indian Head Massage

Relieve stress from the head, neck, and shoulders when our professionally trained healers use kneading strokes for the massage. This therapy stimulates hair growth, improves blood circulation, and infuses a profound sense of joy and relaxation.

Leg Fatigue Reliever

Leg fatigue reliever works on the age-old tradition of applying pressure to the more than 7,000 nerves in the foot which can mitigate blockages in the rest of the body. This is a treatment that balances the energy flow in the body and eases swollen legs and ankles, using a hand-picked combination of soothing natural oils.

Oriental Back Massage

Soothe sore muscles, blockages, and joint pains with a massage derived from the Islands of Bali. A careful selection of aromatic oils and expert massage movements calm the nervous system, making this a serene experience.

Travel Energiser

After a long flight or a tiringly beautiful vacation, a shot of travel energizer is what you need. Traditional foot massage based on the eastern techniques of reflexology, followed by a de-stressing massage for the upper back, neck, and shoulders is a wholesome tranquillizing experience.