Massage Selection

a person receiving back massage and oil being poured by a masseur

Swedish Massage

Popularly known as Swedish Massage, this is a medium-pressure full-body massage, which targets superficial muscles to provide muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation. From strained muscles to tensed minds, the masseuse uses traditional long kneading strokes to relieve you after a long day of work and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Press the restart switch as you feel all your pain and tension dissipate. Deep tissue massage is customizable to your needs. It targets reducing adhesions and muscle stiffness using varying pressure and distinct massage points.

Indian Ambhyanga

Rise above the Doshas with Ayurveda. A massage based on the principles of traditional Indian technique, Abyanga Massage Therapy helps reduce the knots in the muscles and treats overall body fatigue. An amalgamation of time-honoured healing art with herbal essential oils brings tranquillity to your mind and body.

Ayurvedic Potali Massage

Alleviate the agony with the restorative power of Potli. Ayurvedic potli massage is based on the philosophy of warmth transmitted with linen potlis stuffed with essential herbs and oils. It aims to bring a therapeutic effect on the body by relaxing, nourishing, and rejuvenating.

Jetlag Recovery

Win over the nasties of jetlag with our exclusive Jetlag Recovery massage therapy. It is an ideal massage to banish dehydration, fatigue, and sluggishness after a long flight. The techniques employed by our healers are designed to stimulate and invigorate your senses and body.

Signature Tattva Therapy

The Signature Tattva Therapy incorporates massage with yoga stretches. This holistic wellness experience involves dry and oil-based massage, which eases muscle tension and energizes the body with acupressure movements and stretching. The deep pressure applied works effectively on muscles and balances the body's energy levels.