Best Time to Visit Ranthambore National Park

a brown deer with its ears raised
a tiger resting by a water body
a nilgai eating plants leaves

If you are planning an exciting and thrilling vacation in the lap of nature, Ranthambore National Park is the ideal place for you. The park is strategically placed in Sawai Madhopur, a tranquil town in Rajasthan, located 130 km from the state capital, Jaipur. Renowned for its rich flora and fauna, this park is considered one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in Northern India. Historically, Ranthambore National Park was a famous hunting ground amongst the royals of Jaipur. However, in recent times, it has thrived into a crucial reservoir of the wilderness and has become a sought-after destination for wildlife lovers.

The best time to visit Ranthambore National Park is from October to June. The gentle weather is perfect for tourists to explore the exotic forest of Ranthambore and catch a glimpse of these rarely-seen animals. While summers are the ideal time to witness the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers in all their glory, winters flaunt the best weather to explore their exuberance. The monsoons at Ranthambore hits differently, as the luxuriant forest glistens magnificently in the rainwater. Although this season beholds some scenic landscapes, most areas of the park remain closed during this time. It is also the mating period of the animals, and it can be dangerous for visitors to go on a safari during this time.

Summer Season (April to June)

Owing to its proximity to the Thar desert, Ranthambore Park experiences extremely hot temperatures during the daytime. If you are brimming with zest and enthusiasm, summers are the right time to visit the park. Owing to the warm weather, this park is usually less crowded, allowing you to have a peaceful time amidst the lush greenery. Besides that, there is a higher chance to see the exquisite Royal Bengal Tigers and other wild animals around the water bodies. When in Ranthambore, don’t forget to check out these iconic places like Surwal Lake, Raj Bagh Ruins and Raj Bagh Talao. We suggest you pack some protective clothes and carry sunscreen while visiting in the summer season.

a tiger drinking water out of a water body
a lush green forest packed with trees

Monsoon Season (July to September)

The monsoon season in The Ranthambore National Park is exceedingly beautiful and will surely leave you spellbound. However, to conserve wildlife, the Rajasthan Forest Department has decided to halt safaris in certain zones inside the park. Monsoon is the mating season for the animals and a crucial time in the National Park to preserve their future lives. To avoid any human intervention the park does not allow visitors during this time. While the core park (Gate 1-5) remains closed, the buffer zones (Gate 6-10) are open for tourists to enjoy the alluring scenery of Ranthambore.

Winter Season (October to March)

Winter is the best season to visit Ranthambore. The bountiful rainfall in the monsoon season gives the park an enchanting dense demeanour for visitors to explore. The Ranthambore National Park opens safari options from October to June. Catch the wild animals soaking up the Sun or charming migratory birds visiting the park. The pleasant weather and the picturesque surroundings rouse the best time to go for a safari. The park flaunts a rich biodiversity with species ranging from Tigers, Sambar deer, Sloth bear, Chital, Chinkara, Marsh crocodile and Golden jackal. It is the perfect place for bird-watching and houses around 300 variety of birds like Waterfowl, Greylag goose, Spurfowl and Bronzed-winged jacana. Treat your eyes to this captivating beauty of the rich flora and fauna, and set out on a safari offered at the park. There are two types of safari offered - Jeep and Canter. Book your trips 90 days prior and have a riveting time in Ranthambore.

a brown and white deer standing in middle of a tall grasses

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