Asiatic Lions in India

If you are a fan of the big cats and find yourself awestruck by their majestic demeanour, then Sasan Gir is the place to be. Home to the Asiatic lions, an endangered species exclusively found in Sasan Gir, the park serves as a sanctuary for animals who otherwise could be hunted to extinction. Here, you can witness these magnificent creatures roam around freely in their natural habitats. Being the last surviving Asiatic lions in India, they are protected and cared for under the best conditions possible. So, if you want to witness these tough cats up close, head over to Gir National Park for a truly remarkable wildlife expedition.

Saved from Extinction

The Asiatic lions, once widespread across the Indian subcontinent, faced the brink of extinction due to hunting and habitat loss. However, thanks to dedicated conservation efforts, they have been given a lifeline, and their story is an inspiring tale of survival and resilience. Today, the Asiatic lions are found in Gir Forest in Gujarat. Gir National Park is the ultimate destination to witness these elusive creatures up close. Imagine the adrenaline rush as you venture through the forest, scanning the wilderness for a glimpse of the majestic mane and commanding presence of the Asiatic lion.

The half hidden face of a young asiatic lion - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir
Three lions lounging on the ground - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir

Special Features

Unlike their African counterparts, Asiatic lions sport a distinctive longitudinal fold of skin along their bellies, a characteristic rarely seen elsewhere. The range of fur colours among the pride members varies from tawny to brownish-grey, occasionally showcasing a mesmerising silvery sheen in the glow of twilight. As night falls, the female lions take charge of the hunting activity, showcasing their impressive prowess as skilled predators. A pride often consists of 7 to 14 lions. If you are lucky enough, you can witness them move in unison, serving a seamless symphony of power and grace as they traverse their natural kingdom.

The Role of Gir National Park 

Gir National Park is a shining example of successful conservation efforts to preserve the rare Asiatic lions. Established as a protected area, the National Park and the surrounding Gir Wildlife Sanctuary provide a safe haven for these beautiful creatures. They have strict measures in place to combat poaching and human encroachments. Based on the updated statistics for 2017, the Asiatic lion population has grown to 650 individuals, proving these conservation efforts to be hugely successful. However, it's not just the big cats that call this park home. The area also hosts two species of deer, with the Sambar being the most prominent Indian deer among them.

A deer spotted in Gir National Park - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir
An antelope grazing in the forest - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir

Other Gems 

But that's not all! Gir forest is renowned for its unique inhabitants, including Chousingha - the world's only four-horned antelope. Beyond the large predators, you'll also find smaller carnivores such as the jackal, striped hyena and Indian fox contributing to the vibrant ecosystem of Gir Forest. So, if you're a wildlife enthusiast, this diverse and thriving region is a place worth visiting to witness the wonders of nature up close.

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