Gir National Park Itinerary

Gir National Park, nestled amid the beautiful green landscapes of Gujarat, is a paradise for wildlife admirers, with the Asiatic Lion as its crown jewel. Prepare for a tour that offers more than simply a safari but a chance to interact with nature's beauty. Here's a Gir Forest itinerary for you covering every aspect of your adventure, from transportation options to safari tips, ensuring you make the most of this extraordinary wildlife sanctuary.

How to Get to Sasan Gir

The first step in your itinerary for Gir National Park is reaching the park. Sasan Gir, your portal to Gir National Park, is well-connected by air, rail and road. If you fancy a quick and comfy journey, Keshod Airport, a mere 38 kilometres away, is your go-to for air travel. From there, hop into a taxi or rental car ready to whisk you to Sasan Gir.

If you want to give it some time and enjoy your journey leading to the exciting adventure via train, consider Junagadh Railway Station, a good 80 kilometres from Sasan Gir, as a viable option. Taxis or buses will be your ride from there to the park.

For a picturesque journey, hit the road! Sasan Gir is easily reachable from major cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai through well-maintained highways.

Road trip - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir
A safari jeep ride amidst the jungle - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir

Types of Safaris

Gir National Park offers an array of safaris catering to different tastes. The crowd-favourite Jeep Safari, running twice a day, invites you to an open-air adventure with unobstructed views of lions, leopards and more.

For a more personal touch, Walking Safaris led by seasoned naturalists take you deep into the forest, offering up-close encounters with smaller critters and birds.

Bus Safaris cater to groups, providing a comfy and informative exploration of the park. Specially designed buses, guided by experts, ensure panoramic views of the surroundings.

Different Safari Zones

Devalia Safari Zone is the best spot to catch a glimpse of the mighty lions. The Gir Safari offers a diverse range of flora and fauna. Besides lion spotting, indulge in bird watching and admire of other creatures like crocodiles, leopards and spotted deer.

a sambar deer standing near a tree
do not feed animals sign - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir

Tips to Remember During a Safari

Essentials: Pack binoculars, a camera and a hat for sun protection.

Respect Wildlife: Keep a respectful distance and avoid loud noises.

Follow Instructions: Stick to the guidelines from your safari guide.

No Feeding: Resist the urge to feed the animals.

Packing Tips and More

Pack for the weather while considering the season. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for sunny days, and a light jacket for cooler evenings.

For photography, bring a camera, extra batteries and memory cards. If you're venturing beyond the safari, comfy hiking shoes are a must.

Book your safari tickets in advance. Choose the right safari zone based on your interests. Respect the local culture.

The best time for photography and wildlife viewing is March and April, but overall, winter (December to March) is the prime season.

Trip essentials - Jagira Ananta Elite Gir

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